Soaring over Paris 

Yesterday we got on the plane to Paris, France. It was a 7 1/2 hour flight. The plane flew over night, and we got to Paris at around 7am. We made our way to our apartment, and it is so beautiful! It is very modern and our host had left us a bagette and some fresh croissants. It was perfect! Although, we were all super tired so we just went to bed. We woke up at like 5pm and we were all super hungry. We decided to leave the apartment to track down some food, but our apartment complex is super confusing, so it was pretty hard! We eventually found a mall that was really close to our apartment and it had restaurants and a big grocery store inside. We got some bread and cheese, and a few other essentials. We made some dinner back at the apartment, and then we went to find dessert. We went back to the mall, hoping to get ice cream, but it was closed for the night. We found a frozen yogurt store and got some. It was so good!!! There was live music, food trucks, and giant chess! We came home, and we are now going to bed. Tomorrow, we go to the Louvre, a big art museum, and to the top of the Eiffel tower! I can’t wait!! Bye for now,

Violet Strong

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