Two Cool Museums

The Two Cool Museums are the National Museum of Natural History and the American History Museum.  The first one we went to was the Natural History one.  The first thing we saw was the fossils exhibit.  The cover picture for this page is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  We also saw a Pteranodon, Triceratops and Allosaur.  After the fossils, we went to the Mammals exhibit.  They had cool fake animals.  We saw kangaroos, giraffes, lions, and about fifteen other animals.  Then we went to Ocean Hall. Ocean Hall has lots of exhibits on marine life. That part was amazing because some of the fish looked really weird!  Then we headed to the second floor. Here are the 1st floor photos:

DSC 0218
DSC 0215

DSC 0227

The stuff on the second floor was awesome!  We headed over to the Gems and Minerals part and saw the Hope Diamond, the biggest flawless diamond in the world!  Also, there were other gems and a part designed to look like a mine.  Then, at Violet’s request, we went over to the indoor butterfly garden.  I have lots of pictures, don’t worry!  It was cool because there were just TONS of butterflies (and moths).  That’s pretty much everything we did on the 2nd floor. Here are my Level 2 pictures.

DSC 0265
DSC 0280

At the next museum,  we were on the second floor so we did all the second floor stuff,  which wasn’t very cool.  The third floor had cool musical instruments and the Philadelphia, a 1776 gunboat, but that was pretty much it.  But the first floor had an exhibit on transportation, with a Southern Pacific train locomotive, old cars, a Ford Model T,  some boats, and even an airliner model.  It was so cool! I do have a picture (below.)  Signing off for now!           - Hayden

DSC 0307

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