Penang (Smells and Heights) 

Hey people! I hope you are having a snazzy day! 

Today we went to Penang, Malaysia. It was nice weather, warm and sunny! Our guide’s name was Max, and he showed us around Penang, and took us to some really amazing places. We started by going to the old Buddist Temples, and it was SO pretty! 

My favorite part of the entire temple was putting these wishing flags on the tree. it’s an old Buddist tradition, and I did two. The first one was Saftey For Family Members, and my second was Eternal Happiness. 

They were definitly colorful! Ok, so my least favorite part ( aka TORTURE!!) was going to the top of the 8th tower. 

We were up so high, the railing was super low, and the ridge was super thin. Plus, to make it worse, I’m scared of heights. Perfect combo, right?

Welcome to Monkeyopolis! I saw monkeys in person, and they were adorable. I was told that monkeys are mean, and I believe it. They seem pretty rude.

That’s about it! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!!

~ Violet 💕💙

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