Alanya and Dragonflies


Today, we are in Turkey.  It is filled with butterflies and dragonflies.  I guess it's like summer here.  Anyway, we went to the ruins.  It was a ruined town.  There were so many interesting things to see.  


Then, we went to a beautiful waterfall filled with bright blue water.  Natural water everywhere…like the real water on earth.  I've never seen any beautiful water like this.  


The water was rushing through so fast, I could barely see it. There were waves but it wasn't the sea.  It was a river, but it was hard to tell, huh?

We stopped in the main part of town for lunch.  I had bean soup that was so good.  I wish I could take 80 bowls of it home with me.


Then, we had Turkish pizza.  It was delicious! It had the best cheese EVER!

Then, we went to Alanya Castle and there were hundreds of dragonflies.


I thought a saw a 1000.  Then, we went to a cave.


It was cool.  Mom said that it was good for your lungs, but I said why.  Then, mom said that there was good air in this cave. Next, we went to the ancient harbor.  It was cool, but I want to tell you about how it scared me.  It scared me because I thought I might get pulled under water because the waves were so big.  But, it didn't wash me away luckily.


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