It’s The Final Countdown!

Contain your excitement! In just two short days, we’ll board an American Airlines A330 and the latest iteration of Hayden’s Page will go live! Experience the latest and greatest Hayden’s Page, with bigger and better descriptions, cool destinations, and stunning photos! Follow our adventures in near-real time with new posts - chroncling that day’s exploits - added everyday! With the all-new Hayden’s Page 2016, you won’t miss a beat. It’s the closest thing to being there.

Want to get a different perspective on our travels? Head on over to Violet’s Page and select 2016 from the drop-down menu, and see what up-and-coming travelogue author Violet Strong has to say. Or see our parents’ views at Kelly and Neil’s Pages. 

- - - All sites go live on May 25, 2016! - - -

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