The Prettiest History Museum

The museum was really fun because we saw dinosaur bones,

and beautiful butterflies.

One of the butterflies landed on me.  The butterflies were all flying around me.  I felt like they liked me.  One of them was kind of green.  That one was in a cage because they didn’t want anybody messing with it.  There were these big ones.  I don’t remember what they were called.  We got this thing where you had to find the butterflies and we found five of them.  We also saw the Hope Diamond.  It was really big and kind of blue.  The diamond that we saw was kind of shiny and it looked like a piece of silverware that had just been polished.  I saw the original ruby slippers from the movie. They were big, but I could probably fit in them.  They were shiny because I think they had rubies on them because it says it in the name, ruby slippers. There was glitter on them - that’s why they were shiny.

DSC 0234
DSC 0303
DSC 0304

I saw Kermit too.  He was in a glass case.  It looks like he was really green.  He even has a song about being green.  Today, I had a really good time and it was really fun.

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