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Harry Potter 4 Life


Okay hi everyone! After this post we will be saying goodbye to London. :( Today we went to the Harry Potter studios. We saw a lot. If you are not a witch or wizard, I am asking you to leave. Thank you! 

I bowed to Buckbeak, And he bowed back!! 

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Uhh.. If you haven’t finished the books yet, please skip this part. And close your eyes too.

They used this as Dobby when he dies in the 7th book.

Okay all non finishers! We are back!

Say hello to Aragog! 

And this would be the REAL diagon alley!!

Now here we are at Hogwarts! (A model)

Welcome to the house Harry’s parents died in. 

Nothing was the same again. 

Fake food for the Yule Ball! (Book 4)

And there was so much more that I would die while writing it! Thank you for reading all my posts this year and please say bye in the comments below! Thank You! ~ Violet

The Kids Have Freedom And Go Crazy With It

At the park. The first time we went today. That is where we went first. So, today my parents let me and my brother choose what we did all day… Not a great idea. So, we went to the park, and then we went to this huge toystore.

That is made out of LEGOS!!! Unfortunatly, we were not able to buy anything because we go home in 2 days. Then we went to this big history museum.

An old cash register.

Then we came home and went back to the park again, the same one we went to the first day. Now we are at home, and going to eat dinner. Thanks for reading! ~ Violet 

Beatles, spelled incorrectly, and not the bug.

*I dedicate this post to Jack and Ben Hertzog, beacause they like the Beatles a lot.*

I hope I don’t Beatle you out while writing this post. If you don’t care about the Beatles, then I suggest you leave this page immediately. Thank you. Now, moving on. I welcome you to Beatleland. If you are still with me, we are going to explore the awesomeness of THE BEATLES!!! YAAY! So, first off, I was walking on ABBEY ROAD!! Then we went to 

Welcome to Strawberry Fields. This is the name of a Beatles song, and a place that John Lennon hung out a lot. Then we went to where they got inspiration for the song “Eleanor Rigby” was. Look.

This is the grave stone. There where also these ones.

Big graveyard. Moving on.

So, then we saw all of their houses.

Me signing Ringo’s birth house.

His house later on in life.

Penny Lane! 

On the Barber shop he waits for the next customer, and the fireman never wears a mack, in the pouring rain…. Very strange. Penny Lane quotes.

Then, Finnaly, We went to the Cavern. The place they first played.

Thanks for reading! Not much more to come :(… Leaving in 3 days!! Bye!

~ Violet 😄 Playing on Penny Lane. 

The City of Brussel Sprouts

Hi everyone!  Sorry I didn’t write last night - it was late when we got home and we had to watch the last Harry Potter movie (because I finally finished the last book! Yay!). So, today I will write an extra long one to make up for that.  If you don’t know where Brussels is, it’s in Belgium.  Here we are at the atomium.  It was made for the World’s Fair in 1958 and they never took it down. Kind of like the Eiffel Tower!

Next, we went to the EU headquarters and museum.  It was cool, but I was kind of weirded out that no one else was there.

Sorry - in this picture it was raining and windy, so Im half-smiling, half-frowning.

So, where I am in this picture is an arch in Brussels.   

So, we looked at this awesome arch and then we came across this crazy cool Car Museum…one of the biggest in Europe.

Then, we went inside this awesome beautiful church.

After that, we went to the old city and this old theater where they used to have marionette shows.  This is the cat I met there.


Then, we had an amzing Belgian Waffle (caramel dipped….Hallelujah!). After that, we saw statues of people peeing.  Ew. Last, we ended up in this great square….

And then we took the train home.  Thanks for reading!

~ Violet 

Towers and Art (And lots of wind!)

I SHALL DEFEND THE CASTLE!!!!! (Even though I can’t see out of this thing!) 😄 Okay hi everyone! To start off today we will be talking about the Tower Of London! I went there this morning, even though the weather was awful.. Really cold and rainy. Okay! Then after that I will talk about the art museum that we went to! 

This is one of the many many towers. I went up in this one! 

These are some more towers that I saw. Actually here people got beheaded! (EEEEWWWW) :| Then we went to an AWESOME art musuem!!

Then we saw this one!

It’s supposed to be Paris in the rain! Then we went to dinner and now I’m at home! Thank you for reading!! ~ Violet 

2 Days @ Paris

PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! Okay hi everyone!! I WENT TO PARIS!!!! As you probably know from me writing that over and over. So we went on a long 2 or 3 hour train ride from the staiton RIGHT NEXT TO KINGS CROSS STAITON!!! (AHHHHH!) IF you don’t know what that is it is the staiton that all wizards leave from IN HARRY POTTER!!!

Going through the wall!!

Me photo bombing Hayden’s picture on the train!

When we got to Paris we went to the hotel that we were staying at. It was a nice hotel. We dropped off our bag and then we went to find some lunch. 

Mmmmm……. Yummy smoothie. Ok then we went back to chill at the hotel before our tour later that night. We took a nap. 

This is a picture I took on the tour. So on the tour we went to the Eiffel Tower and then we went to dinner.

Then we walked in the pouring rain to the Eiffle Tower. It was about midnight by then. 

Then we went to sleep.

Today tried to go to the Louvre, a famous art museum, But it was WAY too crowded. Then we went to the hotel to warm up with some hot chocolate. After that we boarded the train to come back to London. Thanks!!! 

Bathtubs, Rocks and Ruins

Now, this is Stonehenge. This is famous for no one knowing why it is there and how people got it there. Now we know quite a lot. We know what quarry the blue stones were brought from and the large ones from a different quarry. We know people brought it there, it is not natural. Now, moving on.

Then we went to lunch. This is a famous monument, the Violet’s Smoothie. I wish it was, that mango pineapple smoothie was SO good!!! Next, OH WAIT I FORGOT!!! This is flint that I found at Stonehenge. 

Flint was used as an scraper or arrowheads. Flint was also very strong so a nice weapon tip. Okay after that we went to old roman baths because Romans used to live in this city. Here are some pictures! ||||||||

This is a hot water spring that warmed the baths. It was thought to have been sacred to the gods.

This is where the water runs to the bath.

This is the bath. It used to have really clear water.

And this is the house made in the 1400s. Thank you for reading! ~ Violet <3 

London 202


HELLO!!!! I will be your tour guide for today!! We are now on our way to London! One tour car ride later…. ~~~~~~~~”””””~~~~~~~ Okay. We are here. Welcome. This above, you may be thinking is a painting on the ground. -> You are partially correct except this work of art was made on chewing gum!! (Gross, isn’t it?) So, again, you were partially correct. <- Come along now! Let’s get going! 

Okay, Who can tell me what this is? {That’s the parliament building, right?} Correct! Now, who wants to hear a story about this place? { Me! ME! Me! me! yes! Yeah sure! } All right then here we go! So, a long while back, there was a man whom was king. And there were protesters who did not like how he ruled. So, there is this tradition that the king or queen has to go to the Parliament building before the government could start thier debate. And these protesters thought this was their perfect chance. So under the building they put 122 barrels of gunpowder. It would have left a huge crater in London! But, the place did not blow up, because it was found out by the man who planned it’s brother. The end!! ->#<-  

                                           ##### Now here are the pictures we have taken #####

Thank you for kindly joining us on this tour!!! FOR ALL AT OC :: <| I ILLuminati   ~ Violet  <3

London 101

Hello all viewers of Violet’s Page 2016!!! I am now in London, after a 7 and a half hours of flying. I have been out to lunch, (Chocolate Milkshate at Byron’s!) 

And also went to the most awesome park ever!

That is just the beginning of it!! 

Then we came home and we watched a documentary on London and now we are going to eat dinner!! Thanks for reading my page!! (More tomorrow!)     Thanks! Comment questions below please! ~ Violet ;) 

Two Days Left

Welcome to Violet’s Page 2016.  I’m going to London in two days and I’m really excited.  I’m going to tell you about all of the stuff I’ll be doing while I’m there, including the places we are going.  We leave for our flight in two days at 8:00 at night and we are going to fly to London and then when we get there, we are going to our house.  We will probbaly take a nap and then explore.  The last time I was in London, I was only two, so I don’t remember it very well.  I’m also going to France and Belgium which is going to be really awesome.

I really like seeing comments, so that would be cool if everyone would comment.  You can ask me questions in your comments and I will be happy to answer them. I will post every night, so check my site every day if you want to see what we are doing!


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