Athens, Greece

Today, when we got off the boat, we had a private tour waiting for us.  We were not actually in Athens, we were in Piraeus, so we had to have the tour guide drive us there.  There were at least six dogs out while we were driving.  When we got into Athens, the first place we went was the Acropolis, which is a 3, 000- year -old building complex that has the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, and some very large ancient marble rocks.  The Parthenon is a building made in 300 B.C.. We could not go inside because they were restoring it.  We did not see the temple of Athena.  There were lots of  5-ton marble rocks sticking out of the ground, so the ground was SLIPPERY!  After the Acropolis, we went to the Temple of Zeus, which basically was a couple of pillars sticking out of the ground with no roof.  There were over 500 bugs there, so I do not recommend there if you don’t like bugs.  Oh, we did see fifteen dogs at the Acropolis and four at the temple of Zeus.  We went to the Acropolis Museum next.  Do not confuse this with the Acropolis, because it’s 3,009 years newer and has elevators.  It has a lot of Acropolis artifacts in it though, and it has the ancient city right under it.  After that it was a 15 minute drive to the port. We are going to Istanbul, Turkey next, so check back in!

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