Villefranche and Nice, France

A great day today in Villefranche. We had to get ferried off the boat again today. It was cool because since we are the only ship in port, we had the town to ourselves. Beautiful deep blue water that I have only seen in the Mediterranean. The most beautiful place I have ever been. We searched for shells on the beach before we caught the train to Nice. A quick trip and we made it to Nice. The people were all friendly and even though we only know a few words in French we found a great café and had awesome panini and wine. We walked to the beach and walked in the Mediterranean, hunted for shells and enjoyed the perfect weather. The kids were great, the weather perfect. A great way to spend the day in our final port. It is hard to believe that the trip is coming to an end. Looking back, it is even tougher to comprehend all of the amazing things we have seen and done in the last two weeks.

Tonight is our last night on board and we are both surprised at how sad we are to say goodbye to the experience and the people we’ve met. And at our $500 bar bill! Well worth it! We’re excited to spend a couple more days in Barcelona, and it will be good to be home – we miss you all!

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