Day 2 in Israel


First, we went to a bunch of gardens.


This is where people meditate. It belongs to the Baha'i and that is a church.  Then, we went to a really cool tunnel.  I was scared at first because I am scared of the dark, but it was awesome. My Mom brought flashlights so I could see where I was going.


At the beginning, it was light, but then when you got in the tunnel, it was creepy and we thought there were going to be bats, but there weren't. It was 1000s of years old.


Then, we saw mosaics and it was awesome.


Some of these pictures, I TOOK!


This is not a picture I took! It's a picture our guide took.  We had a private guide named Daniel. He was awesome.  He showed us around and we got the best food. Yummy!

And then I blew a giant dandelion!  This is how big it was!


I'm not kidding! Then, we went to a crusader city.  It was like maybe 1 hour away. It was cool, there was a city there and a jail. We saw a dining room that belonged to some knights that were very rich.  They had their own bathrooms and that's rare when they were alive.


Then, we went to lunch. We had yummy pita bread and hummus and it was delicious!

Then, we went to the caves.  There was a cable car and 100 people in line to get on it. It took us a while to get on the cable car.  I was squished in between my mom, my dad, my brother and a bunch of other people I didn't know.

The cable car moved up and down. We saw caves at the bottom.


Then, we went back to the ship. Israel is awesome. It might be the last time I see it, but it was still the best. Thank you for reading my blog.  It was cool showing it to you, but it's now time for me to go to bed.

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