Death by Monkey Slap

Hey people!!! Today was the most amazing day of my life. I had the most insane stuff happen, including being slapped by a monkey, jet skiing, and swimming in the ocean. So, enjoy!

Welcome to Langkawi, home to the most beautiful islands in the universe. Today I woke up at 7am, which was horrible, but so worth it. We docked at 8, and we got off the boat, rushing because we thought we were late. Turns out, that was all for nothing because it took another twenty minutes fior the truck to come. When the truck came, there were not enough seats, so Dad had to sit in the truck bed. When we got to the beach, we saw our jet skis, and they were AWESOME! We learned how to drive.

Our first stop was pregnant lady island, which hosts a beautiful freshwater lake. We got to swim in it, and it was epic. The water was SO warm. 

On the way back, I died. No, really. I’m dead. I was slapped by a monkey.

You see that adorable little fuzzball? That furry monster slapped me. He thought I was going to steal his food, apparently. 

Back on the jet skis to visit a couple more places, and then we stopped to swim in a small pool of the ocean that was surrounded by islands.

It was great. At the end, I went to a small place and I drove the jet ski, it was really fun. We went and did some really crazy stunts, which led to Hayden being trown off the other jet ski. Let’s just say one of the turns the guide made was too sharp. I drove with Dad’s assistance.

I had an amzing day, and I hope you enjoyed reading!

~ Violet

© Knstrong 2013