We had such a great time in Florence today! We drove from our house in Greve in Chianti towards the city center and found parking about a mile and a half outside the city.  We had timed tickets to the Accademia Museum, so we had to hustle into the city to make it.  We had heard that without reserved tickets, the wait to get into the museum could be hours long, so we assumed that even with tickets pre-ordered that the museum would be super crowded.  But, we went in, and headed right to Michelangelo’s David. 

It was so incredible to see him in person. The detail is really something you can’t believe.

We checked out more scultpures and paintings

and then the wing of musical instruments.  This is a Strativarius from 1609.

and the first upright piano ever made.

After the Accademia, we had lunch at a trattoria right next to the amazing Duomo.

Then, we walked around one of the main Piazzas, taking in all the sculptures.

Then, we crossed the road to check out the River Arno,

and had some gelato in the square whie checking out even more sculptures outside the Uffizi Museum.

At 4:00, we could go in to the Uffizi Museum.

We saw tons of 12th-14th century religious art.

and then the Botticellis! First, the Birth of Venus

..and then Primavera…

Both are amazing in person.  The entire Uffizi building is impressive, especially this domed roof.

The museum is huge and we did our best to see it all.  When we finally wore out, we started the long walk back to our car.  We made ithome by about 8:00 pm, but it stays light so late there was plenty of time for the kids to play outside.

This is Iboo, the estate owners’ dog.  

We have one more day here in Tuscany, and then we head back to Rome for two more days.  It has been great every single day!

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