First Full Day in London (Happy Birthday Violet!!)

This morning, we woke up to a light rain, so we decided to head up to St. Johns’ Wood to see the famous crosswalk at Abbey Road.  By the time we got there, it was pouring.  We were able to walk around, but we couldn’t take pictures or anything.  We headed back to the apartment and dried out a little.  One of the main reasons we rented this apartment is that it has access to huge private gardens.  Our building is on a street of old converted mansions, and they are the only residences that can use these beautiful gardens - seven acres of the most amazing scenery!  The kids ran around and explored and by the time we were done, it had stopped raining!

Since the weather had cleared, we went back to St. John’s Wood.  We met some girls there who wanted a picture too, so we were able to take turns to get the shots crossing.  It’s a really busy street and I don’t know how we pulled off getting a picture without any traffic.  Most of the shots had cars waiting at the crosswalk for people to get out of the way!  We took the tube down to Waterloo to see Big Ben and we took a ride on the London Eye.

We walked across the bridge to see the Parliament buildings and went down to Westminster Abbey.

We love London!  It is much less of a culture shock than when we started our trip last year in Barcelona.  Here, things seem kind of familiar, but are much more impressive than we imagined.  I have wanted to come here since I was a little kid, watching Mary Popping and Peter Pan, and then later listening to The Beatles and reading all of the great British authors.  It’s the realization of a dream for me.  We had an incredible day and can’t wait to see more tomorrow.

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