Visting Versailles 

This is the palace of Versailles. It was so amazing there today!! The palace itself is gorgeous, and the gardens are so beautiful!!!! We took a lot of pictures, and our guide, Marie-Claire, was awesome!! We had a great day!!

The sky was blue while we were at the gardens. It just made everything 2x as pretty, although the grounds are so beautiful, it’s hard to imagine!!

The palace was amazing, and definitely fit for a king. The last three King Louises lived here in Versailles, and the palace had to be magnificent for them, as you can imagine! 

This golden clock was made for the king in the 17th century, under the rule of King Louie the 14th. Louie the 14th had a bit of an ego… So he asked the mechanic to make himself pop out on a cloud and ding a bell after every hour. As I said, he had a bit of an ego.

Also, the king made everyone watch him eat at the public eating ceremonies. It was considered an honor to be invited to watch the king eat. Pretty strange, huh!!

We also saw the hall of mirrors!! The hall contains over 460 mirrors!! For each window, there are 21 mirrors. (They didn’t know how to make larger ones.) It was awesome!

We had a great day in Versailles, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

© Knstrong 2013