First Day in Paris

We are back in business! We have had a few technical difficulties.  First, we forgot to bring the cable that connects our big camera to our laptop.  Neil made many extremely inconvenient trips to far away stores in both Paris and Amsterdam, bought two versions that didn’t work before finally finding the right cable.  Then, we realized our power converter had gone bad.  We ordered a new one from our hotel here in Amsterdam only to find that our Mac’s power plug was too big to work with it.  So, I gave up hope, but Neil did not. He used nail clippers and somehow trimmed the converter so it would work, so we can finally start posting again!  Hooray for Neil!! Now, back to the blog...

We had a memorble first day in Paris!  After our red eye flight, we arrived at our super modern apartment in La Defense.  We have the most amazing view of Paris from our 30th floor windows and balcony. 

We got some dinner, a little sleep, and our first real day began the next mornng.  We started our day in the Tuileries, walking through the gardens and looking at the fountains.

Next, we met our guide, Margerie, at the Louvre.  We were excited for Violet because she didn’t really remember our last visit here. 

We learned how the Venus de Milo is the combination of three different Greek scultpural styles…

And we saw Winged Victory (Nike) after an extensive restoration since our last visit to the Louvre…

And of course, this one…

And Hayden’s favorite painting, Raft of the Medusa.

We saw tons of other amazing art and then headed to the rarely visited third wing of the Napoleon III Apartments. The rooms here are incredible!

After the Louvre, we went to lunch at a cafe and then took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower.

We met a different guide here and learned all about the history and construction of the tower.  Then, it was time to go up.  Violet was very nervous about the height, but she was fine once we got up.  The view of the city is amazing and we were so lucky to have such a clear day.

It was a long, long day but we are glad we had the chance to revisit some of the major Paris attractions again now that Violet is old enough to remember them!  Amsterdam tomorrow!

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