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Roatan, Honduras

Today we were in Roatan. We went ziplining, saw wildlife, and snorkled. The ziplining was my favorite thing I’ve ever done. The people running it let me do flips and go upside down on it which was so fun.

It was so pretty there, and so green. Then we went and looked at the animals, which was so awesome. I got to hold a sloth. And a monkey.

He needs braces, don’t judge him.

This little dude fell asleep on me. I love sloths so much, holding one was a dream come true.

Then we snorkled.

The water and coral was so gorgeous! The water was the prettiest teal color and so clear, and the coral was all sorts of diverse colors. We saw tons of fish too. It was such a good day!

Costa Maya

Today was amazing. We went to Costa Maya and visited the Mayan ruins. It was so cool and historic. 


We saw monkeys, which was really fun. I’m getting used to them. We’ve seen them everywhere we’ve gone so far, so I’ve basically adopted them. 

The temples (specifically the main ones) were gorgeous. They used to be coated in colorful stucco, and there’s only one place that a piece of the colored stucco remains. 

After that, we went to a pineapple plantation. Sadly, it’s not the pineapples’ ripe season, so there weren’t any to look at as they were growing. However, we saw the actual plants, so that was nice.

Then we were meant to go to a butterfly farm, but it was closed, so we went to a pepper plantation, which was equally cool. 

I didn’t try any peppers because I’m a chicken but my parents tried the salsa and said it was delicious but extremely spicy. After that we went to the most amazing lunch. We had the best authentic Mexican food, which was so great since we’ve been eating boat food for 9 days. It was such an amazing day and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my family. 

Limon, Costa Rica

Today we got off the boat early in rainy Limon, Costa Rica. We found our tour guide after some time walking around the port, and we headed off to go zip-lining.

The trees in the rainforest were the brightest green I’ve ever seen, and we were so high up. The view was incredible. There was a series of 11 zip lines, and we did all of them. It was super fun. We saw wildlife as well, including sloths, monkeys, and iguanas. (Pictures soon to come). The only downside was that it was raining really hard, so it was kind of hard to see and we got soaked, but it was well worth it. I also met a dog.

After that we drove down to the river and boarded our boat for a scenic wildlife tour. We saw birds, sloths, monkeys, people, and more. It was amazing.

After seeing all the amazing animals that were so different from the ones we have back home, we headed to the beach, just before getting back on the cruise ship. Costa Rica was gorgeous. 

As we were getting back on the cruise ship, we saw some really cool cloud formations. Just thought I’d include that.

That’s all folks


Cartagena was beautiful. Everywhere you looked there were flowers. We did a walking tour, so we met our guide, Marta, and headed up to the highest point in Cartagena. It was an old convent. It was so pretty and historic to see. We learned about the geography in the surrounding areas and about the crops and buildings.

As you can see, we were up pretty high. Moving on, we went down to the fortress that protected Cartagena in days of need. It involved a lot of hills. And walking.

However, once we got to the top, it was epic. Next, we went to the old city and visited some old stores and I bought an emerald ring. We also got coffee. It was fabulous. 

After that, we headed back to the ship. It was a great day, and now I have a sunburn! 

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HEY PEOPLE! Today’s post is very special because I LEFT THE CRUISE SHIP! 😭😭😭 After a very long, tearful (not really, but it was sad) goodbye to all of my very good cruise ship friends, including but not limited to:

😎🦆 Kat

🦄🦆 Gabi

🦈 Chris

🦆🐥 Maria

👓 George

🎤🎼 Ty

🏅 Sai

😂🤣 Vee

Yep, I miss them already! It was really hard to say bye, but I did! Still, it was really fun to meet everyone! Straight after leaving the boat, we headed to the airport to fly to Cambodia! it’s only a two hour (not even!) flight, so it was EASY! Then, we got to the hotel and long story short, slept. Then, bright and early (Well, not so bright if you’re NOT a morning person *cough* me *cough*) we headed to Angkor Wat. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. Here, I will for you. 

There it is! Though, this is really small compared to the rest of the temples! Pretty much, they’re old broken Buddist temples that tell fables of generations! So, yeah! It was REALLY hot when we were there and that sucked, but we got used to it. (If get get used to it means pretty much die because of heat stroke, then suuuuuuure we got used to it!) It was amazing, though! So worth ‘getting used to it’ (read my last sarcastic comment in parenthesis, please.) It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it DOES deserve that many exclamation points. 

Here’s some pictures

Yup, been there, done that!

The tree is EXTREMELY TALL! (in case you couldn’t tell!) 

Hayden, just…. no. NO. NOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….. You get the point. 

 Yep, I had a snazzy day. (HA, I said it.) Actually, today was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m so glad I got to do this. 


~ Violet

Fish Are Friends, Not Food (So don’t eat them, people!)

Hey peoples! Today was amazing, and it included snorkeling, hugging a fish (yes, that really happened, I have proof), and taking over 200 photos. 


(Just a little note, this post is my longest one yet, so save some time to read it 😂)

OK, so to start off our unbelievably insanely incredible day, we waited about 30 minutes for our car that took us to the speedboat to come. It was very boring, but the van came eventually, and the wait was so worth it! When the van came, we got on and drove (well no duh, thank you, Violet. 🙄) to the speedboat port, which was about 25 minutes away from the cruise ship dock. We had to tender in, which basically means get on a tiny, very shaky boat, and scarily ride it into the port, while questioning the entire time whether or not the boat is going to flip over. Yep, super fun! Ok, so once we boarded our speedboat, (but not before buying Pocky and Pringles!) we met our guide, Piim, who showed us the ropes of snorkeling and swimming in deep waters. We first rode the boat for about an hour to the Phi Phi Islands (which is pronounced pee-pee islands, great name, am I right?) We swam at the first island, and it was just so snazzy. (Sorry, I have to use the word snazzy at least two times in a post. That was two!) Okie dokey artichokey, then we got to the first snorkeling spot. And basically, this is where I hugged a fish.

Look at all the fish, it was insane!!

Fish attack!!!!

He’s just saying hi, chill.

Hi, Dad!

Can anyone help me find Nemo?

(That’s an anemone!)

Hi again, Dad. (Photo hogger!)

Next we swam. It was amazing. The water was SOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOooo CLEAR!

Hi fish!!

Can you find the fish? (all credit to me, I took the picture)

Then we snorkeled AGAIN!

Low tide!

Then we went back to the boat. I hope you enjoyed!!!!!!


Thanks so much for reading!

~ Violet 🌺💙

Death by Monkey Slap

Hey people!!! Today was the most amazing day of my life. I had the most insane stuff happen, including being slapped by a monkey, jet skiing, and swimming in the ocean. So, enjoy!

Welcome to Langkawi, home to the most beautiful islands in the universe. Today I woke up at 7am, which was horrible, but so worth it. We docked at 8, and we got off the boat, rushing because we thought we were late. Turns out, that was all for nothing because it took another twenty minutes fior the truck to come. When the truck came, there were not enough seats, so Dad had to sit in the truck bed. When we got to the beach, we saw our jet skis, and they were AWESOME! We learned how to drive.

Our first stop was pregnant lady island, which hosts a beautiful freshwater lake. We got to swim in it, and it was epic. The water was SO warm. 

On the way back, I died. No, really. I’m dead. I was slapped by a monkey.

You see that adorable little fuzzball? That furry monster slapped me. He thought I was going to steal his food, apparently. 

Back on the jet skis to visit a couple more places, and then we stopped to swim in a small pool of the ocean that was surrounded by islands.

It was great. At the end, I went to a small place and I drove the jet ski, it was really fun. We went and did some really crazy stunts, which led to Hayden being trown off the other jet ski. Let’s just say one of the turns the guide made was too sharp. I drove with Dad’s assistance.

I had an amzing day, and I hope you enjoyed reading!

~ Violet

Penang (Smells and Heights)

Hey people! I hope you are having a snazzy day! 

Today we went to Penang, Malaysia. It was nice weather, warm and sunny! Our guide’s name was Max, and he showed us around Penang, and took us to some really amazing places. We started by going to the old Buddist Temples, and it was SO pretty! 

My favorite part of the entire temple was putting these wishing flags on the tree. it’s an old Buddist tradition, and I did two. The first one was Saftey For Family Members, and my second was Eternal Happiness. 

They were definitly colorful! Ok, so my least favorite part ( aka TORTURE!!) was going to the top of the 8th tower. 

We were up so high, the railing was super low, and the ridge was super thin. Plus, to make it worse, I’m scared of heights. Perfect combo, right?

Welcome to Monkeyopolis! I saw monkeys in person, and they were adorable. I was told that monkeys are mean, and I believe it. They seem pretty rude.

That’s about it! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!!

~ Violet 💕💙

Second day in Singapore!

Welcome to the snazziest post EVER! I hope you are having an amazing day so far! So, today (haha, it was yesterday, but just forget about that!) we had a tour again with Renne, and I ate some traditional Singaporean foods, such as naän bread, roasted banana, and a weird lime drink thingy that tasted like rice. The lime drink was actually very good once you got used to the weird aftertaste of rice. Then we went to some temples in Chinatown and Little India. It was amazing, and I had a great time! 

Oh, most imporatantly, we saw a cat!!!

Beautiful, right?

Little India was very tourist-y, so I didn’t like it very much. But, a kind man making garlands gave me a flower! It was pretty, but it died. No, its petals just fell off. 

Lime drink thingies! (thank you, model Hayden!)

New Buddah temple in Chinatown.

This is the world’s biggest prayer wheel. It spins, and if you walk around it three times, while chanting, it’s as good as reading the entire script that is imprinted on it.

After an amzing day, we boarded our cruise ship. It’s really nice, and our room is beautiful, we’re just getting used to the boat now, so yep! Have a super good day, everyone!

Thank you for reading!!!!!

~ Violet 💙

Welcome to Singapore!!

What's up people!?! After 24 hours on a plane ( .aka. NOT FUN AT ALL), we reached Singapore. When we got to the airport, it was like WOW! Singapore is the best airport in the world, so it was understandable. We got to the hotel, which was the Four Seasons. It’s exteremly nice, and our driver was really cool. At the hotel, we ate a super snazzy breakfast, which consisted of very healthy foods, including donuts and french toast. After a nutritious break fast (not), we went to the room and SLEPT. And we said we’d sleep for 4 hours, but we slept for 8 1/2. Terrific! Then we went on a great tour, with an awesome guide, Renne. He showed us some of the main attractions in Singapore. Here are some pictures :

We’re standing by the cablecar that leads to Sentosa Island, which is an amusmant park and other attractions hub. 

The Singapore skyline is gorgeous. 💕

This is the Merlion, which is the icon of Singapore. This lion mermaid represents the original name of Singapore, which was fishing village, and that is the bottom half of the lion, the mermaid. The top half is the new name, which means Lion City. There are 5 merlions in Singapore, and they are spread out around the city.

Singapore is a big wow!!! 😍💕

Can we just take a second to appriciate the pure beauty of this elecorn? I mean, come on people, can we have one in America?!?

Just looking at the ocean! 🌊

We saw an amazing light show, and it was really cool!

Another light show. 

And done!!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! 



South East Asia 2018!

Hey people! It’s Violet! Just a little note to my peeps here who will be reading this, thank you! I’m really glad people come and read my blog every year, and it’s just really cool for me to feel like i’m bringing friends and family with me. So, yeah! Thanks, people! Ok, so this year, me and my family will be visiting….(drum roll please!) Lots of places in Asia, including a five-day cruise, which is going to be absolutely EPIC! The first place we’ll visit will be Singapore, and we’ll stay there for a few days. Next, we get to board our cruise ship, which is going to be the most snazzy thing ever! The cruise is awesome! We have a really amazing room that we were really lucky to get, and I CAN’T WAIT!  The cruise goes 4 places, and then when we get done with that, we go to Cambodia! It’s going to be an amazing trip, and I’m excited to show you peeps where we go!!

That’s Violet, signing off! 


The comment section is there for a reason! I won’t be able to text while I’m on vacay, so reading and responding to comments is as close as I’ll get! Please do not forget to comment!!

Thanks again!!!!!


Violet's Page 2017

Special Deal!! 2 in 1!! Last Day(s) in Paris!!

This is my last post!!

 Yesterday was Bastille Day, and the Eiffel tower had a firework show. It was awesome!! Earlier in the day they had a fly over.

It was so cool!!! Also, we went out for pizza, and it was really good!!!


The firework show was beautiful!!! 

I had an awesome day yesterday.

Today we went to the Musee d’Orsay, a famous art mueseum.

And we saw paintings of cows,

Van Gogh,

And parasols!

And we ate mexican food!!

(My burrito was really good!!)

Then we went to Arc de Triumph!! We didn’t go to the top, though, the line was huge!!

And then we got crepes!!!

I am so sad to be leaving Paris, but this trip was awesome!!! I can’t wait for next year, and I had a great time!!!

-Violet Strong 

Toothy Mcbeaverface

Meet Toothy Mcbeaverface! My new friend, Toothy, was in the river while we were in Luxembourg, so I had to take a picture!!

Today we took the train to Luxembourg, and it took about 2 hours. When we got there, we explored a bit and then found this old caved out military base, and it was huge!! To get from place to place, we had to go up and down these steep (sometimes turning) staircases. They were so slippery!!!

We went through tunnels, too!

And more tunnels!!

Then we got some water at a nearby cafe. We were all really hungry, so we tried to find some food. We found this cute little restauraunt, called Tatties. They had great sandwiches. Also, I got a smoothie called Mr Pink, and it was so good!!!!


Then we went to the river. The water was so warm, I swear you could swim in it!!


I had an awesome time!!

The we took the train home. 


I had an awesome day today, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!

Bye for now, 

Violet Strong

Visting Versailles

This is the palace of Versailles. It was so amazing there today!! The palace itself is gorgeous, and the gardens are so beautiful!!!! We took a lot of pictures, and our guide, Marie-Claire, was awesome!! We had a great day!!

The sky was blue while we were at the gardens. It just made everything 2x as pretty, although the grounds are so beautiful, it’s hard to imagine!!

The palace was amazing, and definitely fit for a king. The last three King Louises lived here in Versailles, and the palace had to be magnificent for them, as you can imagine! 

This golden clock was made for the king in the 17th century, under the rule of King Louie the 14th. Louie the 14th had a bit of an ego… So he asked the mechanic to make himself pop out on a cloud and ding a bell after every hour. As I said, he had a bit of an ego.

Also, the king made everyone watch him eat at the public eating ceremonies. It was considered an honor to be invited to watch the king eat. Pretty strange, huh!!

We also saw the hall of mirrors!! The hall contains over 460 mirrors!! For each window, there are 21 mirrors. (They didn’t know how to make larger ones.) It was awesome!

We had a great day in Versailles, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Disneyland Paris!!!


Today we went to Disneyland Paris! Everything was in French, it was so cool! Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains means Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 


Also, instead of Goofy, they call him Dingo here…. :)


I did a handstand in front of the castle in Disney. I’m grateful I didn’t kick someone when I came down from it.


They had Space Mountain in Star Wars mode and it was called Hyperspace Mountain. It was so fun! It did a loop and a corkscrew, but it was awesome!!!


Also, we ate lots of bagettes!!! Then we took the metro home, on which Hayden fell asleep…..


Yes, he’s asleep. And now we are going to bed. I had a great day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Cruisin’ and Chillin'

Today we just hung out and did a river cruise in Paris. Not much. But it was really fun and cool and we learned a lot today.

This picture we took from off our boat today. This is an old church. Our guide said it is the prettiest church in Paris.

Notre Dame!!! Yay! Notre Dame is the Paris cathedral. It’s really beautiful!

And this restauraunt is what the Disney movie Ratatouille was based off! The real restaurant is like 500 years old!!


And last we got to see the Eiffel Tower again. It was an awesome day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Anne and Amsterdam #2

Today was really intresting. We saw a lot, and some was good, but some was really sad. Today we went to the Anne Frank house, where Anne Frank and her family lived. The site is tragic, because Anne’s family and Anne all met an awful end. The Frank family was Jewish, and that meant trouble during World War 2. 

This is the house that Anne and her family stayed in for over two years. But they didn’t even get they whole house. The got what they called ‘The Secret Annex’ which was tiny. The annex was tiny. They did not allow photography inside though, so we didn’t get any pictures. We explored the house for a while, and then made our way back to the train station to go home. The train ride takes 3 hours, so it was really long. We had to walk home in a thunderstorm though, which was not fun. But we made it home to our apartment in Paris, and we ate dinner and we are now going to bed. 

Pretty quiet day tomorrow, but I still can’t wait!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Amsterdam #1

 Welcome to Amsterdam! Here we have canals, bikes and cake!! 

Haha. We did see all of those things after we got off the 3 hour train ride from Paris to here. Once we got here, we went to our hotel and checked in. Our hotel is BEAUTIFUL! Our room wasn’t ready, but we dropped off our bags and went to find our tour guide, Rob. He was awesome! He took us around the city and we saw a lot.

The are 88 canals in Amsterdam, and all of them are beautiful. Also, 20,000 bikes fall into the canal per year! and only about 3 cars fall in a year. Pretty impressive, considering there are barely any fences. 

We saw an awesome garden that you have to be a girl to live in any of the surrounding houses.  

And we also saw Duck Trump! 

And Duck Vader! There was a rubber ducky store we passed as we were walking by, they had pretty much anything you could think of in duck form.

Like I said, EVERYTHING.

More canals,

And beautiful churches. Amsterdam is gorgeous. Then we ate cake. The cake was chocolate and was amazingly amazing.

After that, it was time to go home. We took a cab home and then napped. Then me and my dad went to find dinner. We tracked down a grocery store and a small pizzaria. The pizza was sooo good! The we went to bed.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Art and Heights!

Today we went to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, an art mueseum. We started at the Louvre, and saw a lot of famous paintings and sculpters, including but not limited to: The Venus de Milo, The Wrath of Medusa, and last but not least, Mona Lisa! It was soooo packed in the room that had Mona Lisa, everyone was shoving us just to get a picture! It was crazy!! We managed to get some pretty awesome pictures, and here they are!

Those blobs are heads. Like I said, it was PACKED!! Also, The Mona Lisa has been stolen two times, that’s why she is now safely in a glass case. Whew! I mean, you can’t steal the Mona Lisa and get away with it!! Or throw a cup of tea at her, like someone did 2 years ago. Really, people?!?

This is a beautiful diamond was in the crown of Henry the 4th. At least, I think…. There are too many Henrys to remember which one!

And this, is the Venus de Milo. I can’t believe we got to see her! There were hardly any people in here, compared to the Mona Lisa. The reason the Venus de Milo is so special is because it is an original Greek sculpture, not a Roman reproduction. It’s over 2,000 years old!!

And this is the wrath of Medusa. It’s about a shipwreck where over 250 people came on the ship, and 15 were rescued. Over 200 people died after getting stuck too far away too get back in the ocean and leave the bay, but not close enough to reach the bay. The painter used asphalt in the black paint, and it is eating away the canvas. They don’t have a soloution yet. It will disappear if they don’t find one. 

After the Louvre, we ate lunch and made our way to the Eiffel tower.

We only went to the middle level, but the view was amazing! Still, I have to admit I was pretty scared. But I did it! 

We could see our apartment from the top! It was really cool. Then we went home and ate dinner and went to bed. It was an awesome day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Soaring over Paris

Yesterday we got on the plane to Paris, France. It was a 7 1/2 hour flight. The plane flew over night, and we got to Paris at around 7am. We made our way to our apartment, and it is so beautiful! It is very modern and our host had left us a bagette and some fresh croissants. It was perfect! Although, we were all super tired so we just went to bed. We woke up at like 5pm and we were all super hungry. We decided to leave the apartment to track down some food, but our apartment complex is super confusing, so it was pretty hard! We eventually found a mall that was really close to our apartment and it had restaurants and a big grocery store inside. We got some bread and cheese, and a few other essentials. We made some dinner back at the apartment, and then we went to find dessert. We went back to the mall, hoping to get ice cream, but it was closed for the night. We found a frozen yogurt store and got some. It was so good!!! There was live music, food trucks, and giant chess! We came home, and we are now going to bed. Tomorrow, we go to the Louvre, a big art museum, and to the top of the Eiffel tower! I can’t wait!! Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Leaving PA 2

This year I will be flying to France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. I will be posting a blog every night about where we went and all about it. Hope you join me on my amazing trip this year! 

-Violet Strong

Violet’s Page 2016

Harry Potter 4 Life


Okay hi everyone! After this post we will be saying goodbye to London. :( Today we went to the Harry Potter studios. We saw a lot. If you are not a witch or wizard, I am asking you to leave. Thank you! 

I bowed to Buckbeak, And he bowed back!! 

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Uhh.. If you haven’t finished the books yet, please skip this part. And close your eyes too.

They used this as Dobby when he dies in the 7th book.

Okay all non finishers! We are back!

Say hello to Aragog! 

And this would be the REAL diagon alley!!

Now here we are at Hogwarts! (A model)

Welcome to the house Harry’s parents died in. 

Nothing was the same again. 

Fake food for the Yule Ball! (Book 4)

And there was so much more that I would die while writing it! Thank you for reading all my posts this year and please say bye in the comments below! Thank You! ~ Violet

The Kids Have Freedom And Go Crazy With It

At the park. The first time we went today. That is where we went first. So, today my parents let me and my brother choose what we did all day… Not a great idea. So, we went to the park, and then we went to this huge toystore.

That is made out of LEGOS!!! Unfortunatly, we were not able to buy anything because we go home in 2 days. Then we went to this big history museum.

An old cash register.

Then we came home and went back to the park again, the same one we went to the first day. Now we are at home, and going to eat dinner. Thanks for reading! ~ Violet 

Beatles, spelled incorrectly, and not the bug.

*I dedicate this post to Jack and Ben Hertzog, beacause they like the Beatles a lot.*

I hope I don’t Beatle you out while writing this post. If you don’t care about the Beatles, then I suggest you leave this page immediately. Thank you. Now, moving on. I welcome you to Beatleland. If you are still with me, we are going to explore the awesomeness of THE BEATLES!!! YAAY! So, first off, I was walking on ABBEY ROAD!! Then we went to 

Welcome to Strawberry Fields. This is the name of a Beatles song, and a place that John Lennon hung out a lot. Then we went to where they got inspiration for the song “Eleanor Rigby” was. Look.

This is the grave stone. There where also these ones.

Big graveyard. Moving on.

So, then we saw all of their houses.

Me signing Ringo’s birth house.

His house later on in life.

Penny Lane! 

On the Barber shop he waits for the next customer, and the fireman never wears a mack, in the pouring rain…. Very strange. Penny Lane quotes.

Then, Finnaly, We went to the Cavern. The place they first played.

Thanks for reading! Not much more to come :(… Leaving in 3 days!! Bye!

~ Violet 😄 Playing on Penny Lane. 

The City of Brussel Sprouts

Hi everyone!  Sorry I didn’t write last night - it was late when we got home and we had to watch the last Harry Potter movie (because I finally finished the last book! Yay!). So, today I will write an extra long one to make up for that.  If you don’t know where Brussels is, it’s in Belgium.  Here we are at the atomium.  It was made for the World’s Fair in 1958 and they never took it down. Kind of like the Eiffel Tower!

Next, we went to the EU headquarters and museum.  It was cool, but I was kind of weirded out that no one else was there.

Sorry - in this picture it was raining and windy, so Im half-smiling, half-frowning.

So, where I am in this picture is an arch in Brussels.   

So, we looked at this awesome arch and then we came across this crazy cool Car Museum…one of the biggest in Europe.

Then, we went inside this awesome beautiful church.

After that, we went to the old city and this old theater where they used to have marionette shows.  This is the cat I met there.


Then, we had an amzing Belgian Waffle (caramel dipped….Hallelujah!). After that, we saw statues of people peeing.  Ew. Last, we ended up in this great square….

And then we took the train home.  Thanks for reading!

~ Violet 

Towers and Art (And lots of wind!)

I SHALL DEFEND THE CASTLE!!!!! (Even though I can’t see out of this thing!) 😄 Okay hi everyone! To start off today we will be talking about the Tower Of London! I went there this morning, even though the weather was awful.. Really cold and rainy. Okay! Then after that I will talk about the art museum that we went to! 

This is one of the many many towers. I went up in this one! 

These are some more towers that I saw. Actually here people got beheaded! (EEEEWWWW) :| Then we went to an AWESOME art musuem!!

Then we saw this one!

It’s supposed to be Paris in the rain! Then we went to dinner and now I’m at home! Thank you for reading!! ~ Violet 

2 Days @ Paris

PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! Okay hi everyone!! I WENT TO PARIS!!!! As you probably know from me writing that over and over. So we went on a long 2 or 3 hour train ride from the staiton RIGHT NEXT TO KINGS CROSS STAITON!!! (AHHHHH!) IF you don’t know what that is it is the staiton that all wizards leave from IN HARRY POTTER!!!

Going through the wall!!

Me photo bombing Hayden’s picture on the train!

When we got to Paris we went to the hotel that we were staying at. It was a nice hotel. We dropped off our bag and then we went to find some lunch. 

Mmmmm……. Yummy smoothie. Ok then we went back to chill at the hotel before our tour later that night. We took a nap. 

This is a picture I took on the tour. So on the tour we went to the Eiffel Tower and then we went to dinner.

Then we walked in the pouring rain to the Eiffle Tower. It was about midnight by then. 

Then we went to sleep.

Today tried to go to the Louvre, a famous art museum, But it was WAY too crowded. Then we went to the hotel to warm up with some hot chocolate. After that we boarded the train to come back to London. Thanks!!! 

Bathtubs, Rocks and Ruins

Now, this is Stonehenge. This is famous for no one knowing why it is there and how people got it there. Now we know quite a lot. We know what quarry the blue stones were brought from and the large ones from a different quarry. We know people brought it there, it is not natural. Now, moving on.

Then we went to lunch. This is a famous monument, the Violet’s Smoothie. I wish it was, that mango pineapple smoothie was SO good!!! Next, OH WAIT I FORGOT!!! This is flint that I found at Stonehenge. 

Flint was used as an scraper or arrowheads. Flint was also very strong so a nice weapon tip. Okay after that we went to old roman baths because Romans used to live in this city. Here are some pictures! ||||||||

This is a hot water spring that warmed the baths. It was thought to have been sacred to the gods.

This is where the water runs to the bath.

This is the bath. It used to have really clear water.

And this is the house made in the 1400s. Thank you for reading! ~ Violet <3 

London 202


HELLO!!!! I will be your tour guide for today!! We are now on our way to London! One tour car ride later…. ~~~~~~~~”””””~~~~~~~ Okay. We are here. Welcome. This above, you may be thinking is a painting on the ground. -> You are partially correct except this work of art was made on chewing gum!! (Gross, isn’t it?) So, again, you were partially correct. <- Come along now! Let’s get going! 

Okay, Who can tell me what this is? {That’s the parliament building, right?} Correct! Now, who wants to hear a story about this place? { Me! ME! Me! me! yes! Yeah sure! } All right then here we go! So, a long while back, there was a man whom was king. And there were protesters who did not like how he ruled. So, there is this tradition that the king or queen has to go to the Parliament building before the government could start thier debate. And these protesters thought this was their perfect chance. So under the building they put 122 barrels of gunpowder. It would have left a huge crater in London! But, the place did not blow up, because it was found out by the man who planned it’s brother. The end!! ->#<-  

                                           ##### Now here are the pictures we have taken #####

Thank you for kindly joining us on this tour!!! FOR ALL AT OC :: <| I ILLuminati   ~ Violet  <3

London 101

Hello all viewers of Violet’s Page 2016!!! I am now in London, after a 7 and a half hours of flying. I have been out to lunch, (Chocolate Milkshate at Byron’s!) 

And also went to the most awesome park ever!

That is just the beginning of it!! 

Then we came home and we watched a documentary on London and now we are going to eat dinner!! Thanks for reading my page!! (More tomorrow!)     Thanks! Comment questions below please! ~ Violet ;) 

Two Days Left

Welcome to Violet’s Page 2016.  I’m going to London in two days and I’m really excited.  I’m going to tell you about all of the stuff I’ll be doing while I’m there, including the places we are going.  We leave for our flight in two days at 8:00 at night and we are going to fly to London and then when we get there, we are going to our house.  We will probbaly take a nap and then explore.  The last time I was in London, I was only two, so I don’t remember it very well.  I’m also going to France and Belgium which is going to be really awesome.

I really like seeing comments, so that would be cool if everyone would comment.  You can ask me questions in your comments and I will be happy to answer them. I will post every night, so check my site every day if you want to see what we are doing!


P.S. This link will help if you have any issues using Disqus to comment:

Violet's Page 2015

Another Three Hour Drive

Today, I did another three hour drive to get from my house in Tuscany to my apartment in Rome.  It was really long, but we stopped halfway to go to this little town that was awesome, where we had great pizza at a little restaurant.  It was really good. I had pasta and some of my Dad’s pizza.  We had to take a funicular up to the town.  The town’s name is Orvieto.

Then, we took the funicular back down and got back in the car for another hour.  I was meditating in the car, and Mom took a picture!  

It was funny. After that, we finally got to our apartment building.  The apartment is really big and has an awesome terrace.  We are on the top floor.  I had a lot of fun.  We ate a few biscuits and then after that, we walked around Rome at night.  But, it was super crowded. 

There were too many vendors selling things, such as selfie sticks.  Annyoing! So, we went to another awesome restaurant back in our neighborhood, Borghese.  I had strawberries and fresh whipped cream for dessert.  When you ate them together, it was so good. 


Then, when we came back.  I went to bed in my super duper comfy bed.  It was really nice.  Thank you for reding my post.  Tomorrow I’m going to the Rome Zoo! 

Boo and the Shoe

Today, I went swimming in frigid water after I woke up.  I put on a swim suit first, of course.  Here’s a picture of me cannonballing in after my brother dared me to jump.

When I got in, it was too cold to believe! When I got swimming around, it wasn’t as bad.  Then I did it again and again.

Then, I dared Hayden to go in up to the fourth step.  He had to put his swim trunks on! He did it!

Later, we went to this winery.  It was really really cool.  We did a tour and I got to go into the 1000 year old wine cellar.  We had to guess what was in this little room.

And I got it right! It was balsamic! YUM!

After the tour, we did wine tasting, but I only had water (which amazingly tasted like water)…My parents had the wine and I had bread and balsamic.  The balsamic was sweet for some reason that I don’t understand.  Our tour guide said it was really good on strawberries and ice cream.  Then, we went back to our house.  We had pasta yet again, and I thought this bag of biscuits we had was just crackers.  But, I ran in and grabbed one while I was playing outside because I was hungry, and when I bit in, it was sweet! They tasted really good.  They had these little bits of sugar on them.  Then, I played outside more with Boo.  He had his toy shoe with him so we kept tossing it for him and he would run and grab it.

(The shoe is in the right corner). What was really funny, was when he would grab it he would make this funny sound. Thank you for reading my post.  Now I have to go to bed. Goodnight!

- V`I`O`L`E`T~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Today, I went to a museum to see the most awesome statue in the world, David. It was really cool. He had so much detail, it was incredible. Then, we looked around and saw some other statues. Then, we left and went to this cafe after walking around this old church.

It was really cool.  Then we went and got gelato. After that, we went to another art museum, but this one had more paintings. We saw the Birth of Venus and Spring by Botticceli.

After that, we looked around at some other paintngs.  Then, we went back to the little town we have our house in.  We went to the store and bought more bread and cheese. I also played with  my favorite pup, Boo.

He is chewing on some straw, formally known as a stick, but this is all that’s left of it. I’m going to play with him again tomorrow. I can’t wait.  I might also go swimming and the pool water is really cold.  It’s freezing so I’m a little nervous to swim tomorrow.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I’ll write another post tomorrow.

Three Hour Drive

This is a rainbow I saw from our house in Italy.  But first, today I got off the ship and walked to a bus.  The bus took us to another bus, which took us to the place where we got our rental car. Then we got in the rental car and started driving. Two hours later, we stopped at a little cafe where I had pasta, which was very good, and some bread. After that, we got back in the car, drove for thirty minute to some tombs which were really cool.

The tombs were really cool and they were from the people who came before the Romans, the Etruscans. Then, we got back in the car and drove about half an hour longer which took us to the town.  We went to a market and bought strawberries, bread, cherries, cheese, carrots, basil, and tomatoes. Then, we got to the place we are staying, we went and explored in the backyard with this cute dog named Boo. He is black with these cute floppy ears. He is not even one year old yet!

This is our pool.  

After we got back inside, I got the upstairs bedroom which is pretty small, but I’m sharing it with my brother. Then, my dad made us all caprese and a sandwich on the side. After that, we had a very delicious cake that the woman who owns this house made for us. Yum! Thank you for reading my post. Check in again soon!

Italy Again

Ok, so I have had so much fun on this trip, and I’m still having fun, and I’m only halfway done.  Yesterday was so fun.  I didn’t do a post because I was so busy.  My birthday was amazing.  I couldn’t believe how fun the waterslides were. 

That’s on the cruise ship! I also went out to dinner at a French restaurant and had cake and chocolate fondue. Now about today. Today, I started by going to Pompeii, which was fun.  I learned a lot! We had a guide named Charlotte, who was an archaelogos, and she showed us awesome mosaics, the Roman baths, and the public toilets (yuck).

After that, we were walking down the main street to get to the ancient market and this little puppy walked over and started licking my feet! Then I started petting him and he got all happy!

Then we went to this ancient bakery, and you won't believe this! When the archaelogist who dug this up looked inside the oven, there was a stone covering the front opening, he pulled away the stone and….he found 81 loaves of bread that had been perfectly preserved because air couldn’t get past that stone!

After Pompeii, we drove to Sorrento. The water, you could see the bottom even in the deepest parts.


After that, we drove to the Amalfi Coast and the town of Positano.  We went to this amazing restaurant for the best lunch.  We had three courses, first mozzarella, eggplant parmesan, olives, broccoli, bruschetta, bread, and zuchinni.  After that, we had pasta - ravioli, gnocchi, and a zuchinni pasta dish.  After that, we had dessert! We had cherries and chocolate creme cake.  Every single thing there was homemade.  And the view was spectacular.  They had chickens that laid eggs and gardens for the kitchen.

After that, we saw this cute little green lizard.


Then, we went down to the town of Positano, went to the beach, which wasn’t that great, and then we drove back to the ship.  Now, I am going to go eat dinner and then I am going to exchange my arcade tickets for a prize.  Tomorrow, I am going to our house in Tuscany.  Thank you for reading this blog!  Bye!!!

Desserts From Around the World

Yet another dessert is what I’m eating here. I can’t believe it, but I have eaten a famous dessert in every place! Anyway, we started off in the city of Barcelona and had this melted chocolate drink.  We also saw the smallest street in Europe, which was very skinny.

I mean really, who would make it that skinny?  Do they expect flattened cars to drive through?!?! Yeah, that was a little weird.  We went to an awesome old church and saw the Roman aqueduct.

I also went to the beach (yet again) and had fun collecting seashells, sea glass and polished rocks.  I found a piece of jade in the water and it’s really cool. I’m having so much fun here.

Then we went to the Olympic Stadium.  They had this torch that a guy shot a flaming arrow on to it to light it for the Olympics in 1992.  It reminded me of Greece, Nico! 

We had lunch at a very very very nice restaurant with very yummy food.  I got this tasty paella with vegetables and olive oil.

P.S. That beer was not for me! It was for my dad!

Then, we saw this awesome old hospital.

To me, it looks like a church.  Then we went to Park Guell, which was so cool because I am an artist and I could tell all the techniques Gaudi used to make his awesome park.

Then we saw La Sagrada Familia, which is a church they have been working on for hundreds of years and won’t be finished for 11 more years!

Then, we saw a Guadi building based on fairy tales…here it is. The roof is supposed to look like dragon scales, the balconies look like skulls from the dragon’s victims, and the balcony on the very top is supposed to be for a princess.

Then we went back to the boat.  I had a very busy day today! Thank you for all the comments.  Tomorrow is my birthday, so please read my post! Thanks to everyone here!

Trains, Boats, and Fun

Today, I had so much fun doing all of this stuff. I’m really really happy I got to find a few more pieces of seaglass. I’m really excited for tomorrow because we have an all day tour of Barcelona. Mallorca was very fun today, even though we didn’t have a long day.

The ice cream I got in Soller was the best I’ve ever had.  

I loved it! We also road an awesome hour long train through the mountains.

I can’t believe it was still running! Next, we got on a trolley which took us to the shore, where I found my sea glass, my shells, and my super super smooth stones.

This was the view from the trolley.  We found this little park and I got to swing and play on it for a while.  Here are a few pictures of me on it.

After that, we went back the same way the tain went, except in a car. Yeah, that was really fun. Next, we went home to the boat. That was cool because there was a lot to see on the drive. When we got back on the boat, I drew.  And then, I went to Kids’Club.  Now I am getting ready for bed.  Goodnight everyone!

Roses are red...

Today, I went to the most awesome town that was all about ME!  But first, we drove through Cannes.  We saw everything for the film festival.  

Then, we went to Antibes and walked on the beach and found seaglass.  

Then, we went to the old market.  I bought very, very, very, very big raspberries.

After that, we went to St. Paul, the artist’s village.  I put a coin on Marc Chagal’s grave in the cemetery,

Then, we went out to lunch at a fancy old restaurant.

After that, then we went to a town dedicated to me!  It was called Tourrettes Sur Loup and they have a violet festival every year, and the shops all sell only violet flavored stuff.  I got some violet candies, violet lollipops, and some bags filled with dried violets.  And I tried violet ice cream and loved it!

I also had a crepe earlier in the day, and a macaron! I loved them! Thank you for reading!

An Epic Day

Ok, this is my post.  That is a picture of me eating gelato!  YUM! I had so much fun today in the five villages, Cinque Terre, I saw a bunch of old, cool buildings.  

After the first village, we went on the train to the fourth village, and that picture of Gelato is from the third village, Carneligia.  I had so much fun today.  We drove through Tuscany.  After that, we went to the leaning tower of Pisa.

The Epic is one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, I’m having so much fun on it.  There is the most awesome Kids’ Club, which I am going to go to in a few minutes (after I go to the buffet).  I can’t wait.  Posting has been really fun for me.  Thank you for leaving comments.  I’m very excited to write again tomorrow.

Kamryn and Ben, thank you for your comments!  I loved reading them! 😄

(Say hi to Nico for me!)

So Excited for Tomorrow

Hello everybody! This is my 2nd post, so I’m going to make it very interesting.  We went to the ancient road, Via Appia.  It was very fun when we went on the ancient road.  I drank water from the fountain, which was cool because it was like one of those fountains like you see at Longwood Gardens. 

We also went to this awesome restaurant, Il Venito.  It was deliciious and I got yummy pasta.  I also got shrunk!


I also went to the Spanish Steps.  My legs are sore from walking down so many steps, and from coming up them!  

Next up was the Secret Keyhole.  I got to look through this aweome little keyhole thingy and  I saw a tunnel!  It was really cool and it was surrounded with these trees.  At the other end, I saw St. Peters Basilica. It was awesome! My brother is looking in, but thats my head behind him.

And then we went to the old orange garden.  It was cool.  There was another foutnain there and I drank from that one too, but it sprayed too far and almost hit me in the face with water! I also smelled the pretty roses.

Tomorrow, we are going to board the ship called the Epic.  I’m really excited.  Please read tomorrow.  Thank you and goodnight!

Violet's Page 2013

I am going on a trip to Europe very soon and this is where I will write every day about what I see and do.  You can read my parents' blog here and Hayden's blog here.

Thank you for reading my blog!  Please leave me comments!




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