Rome, Italy

An incredible day in Rome!!!!! Everyone hears that Rome is unbelievable; we are believers. One day is not nearly enough to even begin to see the city, but we packed a serious amount of sightseeing into our one-day. The kids were great and we saw plenty... Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia, the Coliseum, Forum, and Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican. You think that the tourist attractions are the only ancient things to see and that they must be surrounded by a modern city. We were amazed that the entire city is a masterpiece. Every building on every block is masterfully built with amazing detail, color and proportion. Being surrounded by ancient ruins and a vibrant city is an experience we won’t forget. We have to go back!!

Key highlights: There is Italian baby food that is Rabbit and Horse -has the picture of the critters right on the package!!! And Roman men also love Kel. She is keeping the Italian streak alive. I told her if I ever kick off, she should move to Italy. Rather than tell all the stories, the pictures speak for themselves!!!

Rome, Italy 022 Medium Web view
Rome, Italy 029 Medium Web view

On our way to Rome

The start of our day at Piazza del Popolo

Hayden going up the Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Outside the Pantheon

The Pantheon’s Famous Dome

The Thinker

Walking down Via Del Corso

At a cafe in Piazza Navona

Some crazy old ruins in the middle of the city

Hayden Chasing Pigeons at the Piazza Venezia

Going to the Coliseum

21st Century Gladiator

Inside the Colloseum

St. Peter’s Square – Vatican

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