Boo and the Shoe

Today, I went swimming in frigid water after I woke up.  I put on a swim suit first, of course.  Here’s a picture of me cannonballing in after my brother dared me to jump.

When I got in, it was too cold to believe! When I got swimming around, it wasn’t as bad.  Then I did it again and again.

Then, I dared Hayden to go in up to the fourth step.  He had to put his swim trunks on! He did it!

Later, we went to this winery.  It was really really cool.  We did a tour and I got to go into the 1000 year old wine cellar.  We had to guess what was in this little room.

And I got it right! It was balsamic! YUM!

After the tour, we did wine tasting, but I only had water (which amazingly tasted like water)…My parents had the wine and I had bread and balsamic.  The balsamic was sweet for some reason that I don’t understand.  Our tour guide said it was really good on strawberries and ice cream.  Then, we went back to our house.  We had pasta yet again, and I thought this bag of biscuits we had was just crackers.  But, I ran in and grabbed one while I was playing outside because I was hungry, and when I bit in, it was sweet! They tasted really good.  They had these little bits of sugar on them.  Then, I played outside more with Boo.  He had his toy shoe with him so we kept tossing it for him and he would run and grab it.

(The shoe is in the right corner). What was really funny, was when he would grab it he would make this funny sound. Thank you for reading my post.  Now I have to go to bed. Goodnight!

- V`I`O`L`E`T~~~~~~~~~~~~~

© Knstrong 2013