We made it to London this morning.  Our flight was super easy, but felt longer than we expected it to.  Once we made it to Heathrow, we took the train to the Hilton.  We rented a day room so we could sleep for a while.  Our driver picked us up and drove us to our amazing house in Kensington.  It’s so beautiful here!!  We dropped off our bags, explored the house a bit, and then hit the road.  We grabbed lunch at a cool restaurant…

 and then headed to Holland Park.  We walked through the gardens and walkways and ended up at an incredible playground.  The kids had the best time on all of this fun equipment.

It was a great first day, but today was really just about getting settled.  We are all feeling great now, having some dinner at home, and looking forward to a good night sleep so we can get into the heart of the city in the morning.


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