Bathtubs, Rocks and Ruins

Now, this is Stonehenge. This is famous for no one knowing why it is there and how people got it there. Now we know quite a lot. We know what quarry the blue stones were brought from and the large ones from a different quarry. We know people brought it there, it is not natural. Now, moving on.

Then we went to lunch. This is a famous monument, the Violet’s Smoothie. I wish it was, that mango pineapple smoothie was SO good!!! Next, OH WAIT I FORGOT!!! This is flint that I found at Stonehenge. 

Flint was used as an scraper or arrowheads. Flint was also very strong so a nice weapon tip. Okay after that we went to old roman baths because Romans used to live in this city. Here are some pictures! ||||||||

This is a hot water spring that warmed the baths. It was thought to have been sacred to the gods.

This is where the water runs to the bath.

This is the bath. It used to have really clear water.

And this is the house made in the 1400s. Thank you for reading! ~ Violet <3 

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