Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

We had a two-hour drive out to Gettysburg.  When we got there, we went to the Visitors Center.  It was really cool!  We saw a movie about the history of the Civil War,  then we went to Cyclorama, which is a 360 degree view of a battlefield.  A lot of it was a painting, but the stuff at the front was actually there.  It was hard to tell where the bottom of the painting was!  Then we went to the museum, which was also cool. We saw the first Civil War flags. Here are some pictures:

DSC 0129

The first one is a Union flag.  The other one is a Confederate flag. The bottom one is Vi in the car. 

After the Visitors Center, we bought an auto audio tour (I know it’s hard to say!)  and started to drive around.  The audio tour went on and on, and we kept skipping parts of it.  We saw some cool stuff.  There were hills, valleys and farms that had been there since the 1800s.  It was pretty cool.  Then we went to the cemetery.  It was sad because so many people died.

We are going to the National Natural History Museum tomorrow! 

DSC 0182

                                        Signing off for now!    - Hayden

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