First Day in Singapore

We left Philadelphia on Friday at 6:30 pm, flew six hours to San Francisco and then sixteen hours to Singapore, arriving at 6:00 am on Sunday morning.  We were all dreading the long flight, but it really wasn’t that bad.  We were   on a really comfortable Dreamliner plane and we were all able to sleep. 

From the airport, we went right to our beautiful hotel.

We are on the sixteenth floor and the views are incredible.  Our guide Renne picked us up in the evening and our first stop was one of the highest points in the city.  

These are cable cars that carry people out to Sentosa island, which has amusement parks, restaurants, etc.

From here, we went back down to the city’s financial district.

And then to the famous Marina Bay Sands…

This massive complex is three hotel towers and then topped by the incredible SkyPark with bars, restaurants and a huge infinity pool.

We watched the cool light show and then checked out the DNA bridge.

The cool building in the background is the Singapore ArtScience Museum.

This amazing light display is inside the shopping center at Marina Bay Sands.

Next, we visited the Supertree Grove.

These are incredible vertical gardens that use solar energy and collected rainwater. We had such a fantastic introduction to the city. In the morning, we will visit the neighborhoods and learn more about the culture of SIngapore before we board the cruise. Hayden’s blog is here and Violet’s blog is here.

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