Heraklion, Crete

Today, we are on the Greek island of Crete. We took the bus to a place with a minotaur. It was windy!

Do you know what a minotaur is?  I will tell you about what the monster is.  It would find people in the maze and eat them I think. It was a big monster but I don't know why the king wanted to keep the monster alive.


After Knossos Palace, we went to a museum where we saw the minotaur's rock, and tombs and tombstones.  One was a giant one and inside they found bones and jewelry.


On this tomb, it had Medusa and little cupids holdng garlands of fruit. It was kind of cool looking at it.  It had other statues.  There was a big one but all the heads fell off the statues.  Hee hee….that was funny to see.

Then, we went to lunch.  They had the best food.  My mom got a salad with a big block of feta cheese and she gave a lot of it to me!  I love feta so much!

The next day, I was in a circus on the ship.  It was really cool.  I balanced a feather, I did rings where they throw rings over you, and scarf juggling.


Tomorrow, I am going to Pompei! I am so excited! And tonight, I am going to a chocolate buffet!!!!!!

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