Our Last Real Day In The Italian Country


Today, we re-visited the Etruscan Caves to get a better look. And boy, we did! Pictures:

Me looking into a particularly large cave.


Four caves in close formation.

Then, we headed out all the way to Viterbo on a drive. Viterbo is a city around 35 minutes from home. It wasn't that exciting, but you won't believe the gas prices: around $10.00 a gallon or almost THREE TIMES the price here! Then again, in Italy the cars are so small that 2 fit in one lane:

No, really! That Ford C-MAX Hybrid and the Citroen Picasso are in the same lane!

Tomorrow, we get on our cruise to Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus. So long for now, I know this was a short post but there wasn't really much to blog about!  - Hayden

TRAVEL TRIVIA! ANSWERS AND NEW QUESTIONS!  Comment if you know the answer!


1. Ireland

2. "Leaving Soon"

3. 2008

New Questions:  This time the theme is "Famous Inventors and Inventions!"

1. Who invented the incandescent lightbulb?

2. Who invented alternating-current electricity?

3. What company set up the first automobile assembly line? (Hint: It wasn't Ford.)

Please comment if you know the answer, I really love it when people do!

- Hayden, Age 11

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