Rome Again, Rome Again


A picturesque city, filled with beautiful architecture, very small cars, and ancient monuments dating back over 2,000 years.

Our travels began when a black SUV pulled up in front of our Philadelphia home (in a torrential downpour, I must add). The SUV (which we’d hired) drove us to Terminal A-West at Philadelphia International Airport. The plane was delayed and ended up leaving about an hour late, but we still got here.

Eight and a half hours later, our Airbus A330 touched down on Italian soil (well, blacktop) and we walked through the terminal to the Hilton hotel, which is connected to the airport. We then did the most EXCITING THING EVER…

Sleep. For about four hours, we slept in our room. Then, at 5:03 on the dot, we boarded a Mercedes van waiting outside the lobby for our private tour of Rome. First, we visited the Via Appia, an ancient stone road dating back to when Rome was first built. And guess what? It’s still used. 

The entire city of Rome is filled with drinking fountains, which are thousands of years old. The water, for some reason, tastes really good.

After Via Appia, we visited a great little restaurant called Il Veneto, where I ate the best pasta I have ever tasted. Ever. And I eat a lot of pasta.

Vi and I pose near a giant bottle of wine.

After that we visited the Spanish Steps in Italy. (I wonder if there are Italian Steps in Spain?) 

Then, we went to an overlook on a hill. The view was nothing short of spectacular.

Then we visited the only keyhole in the world through which you can see three countries. The keyhole is in the wall of the Maltan embassy which Malta owns. Through it you can see Vatican City, and in between? Italy.

We closed out our night in Rome with a visit to this beautiful garden.

Tomorrow, we board the Epic. Stay tuned…adventure awaits!

- Hayden

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