Yay! I Am No Longer On A Plane

Seven hours, thirty minutes.

Seven hours, thirty minutes onboard an Airbus A330-300, from takeoff at PHL’s Terminal A-East to landing at London Heathrow. After a very long night of watching movies, constructing Minecraft skyscrapers, and trying unsuccessfully to sleep, we eventually docked at Heathrow’s Terminal 3. We took a quick rest at the airport Hilton, and then our hired car drove us to our house, at Nine Pembroke Mews in Kensington.

No pictures. Sorry.

We unpacked and claimed bedrooms, and then headed out to check out the neighborhood.

We got a bite to eat at local restaurant Byron (and no, they don’t just sell hamburgers) :

Then we walked to Holland Park. Holland Park is a massive complex, with soccer fields, gardens, an orangery, an opera house, and the most epic playground I’ve ever seen. Even though technically I wasn’t allowed in (being over 12) I threw caution to the wind and played with Violet.

The “playpark” at Holland Park has three jungle gyms, banisters that are actually built for you to slide down, merry-go-rounds, rock climbing, a zipline, and this skateboard-on-tracks thing:

It was pretty fun. I fell off quite frequently but it was definitely worth it.

On our walk back, we saw some fountains and a heron.

And, for your amusement:

Tomorrow, we’re taking a tour that covers most of central London’s landmarks and a few less-traveled destinations. 

Thanks for reading!

- Hayden M. Strong

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