Things to Come

Hi everybody,

This is where we are going to try to post info and pictures while we're on our trip to the Mediterranean. It looks like we'll have Internet access most of the time, so we will try to keep this as up to date as we can.

We'll be in Barcelona from this Sunday until Wednesday the 6th, then we get on the Disney ship. These are our stops:

At sea - June 7th

Palermo, Sicily - June 8th

Naples (Pompeii), Italy - June 9th

Olbia, Sardinia - June 10th

Rome, Italy - June 11th

Florence and Pisa, Italy - June 12th

Marseilles, France - June 13th

Villefranche (Monte Carlo, Monaco, Nice, Cannes) - June 14th

At sea - June 15th

Barcelona - June 16-18

We probably won't be available by phone, so leave comments here or email us!

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