It’s The End of The Trip As We Know It

Remember how my post from two days ago was completely and entirely devoted to the Beatles?

This one is completely and entirely devoted to Harry Potter!

Today we rode a London Midland train (not this one) to a suburban station and boarded a shuttle bus to the Warner Brothers studio complex, where all of the props, sets, and costumes from all eight films are housed. Pretty awesome.

The Great Hall!

The Gryffindor dormitory!

Dumbledore’s office!

Snape’s classroom!

The door to the Chamber of Secrets!

The Black family tapestry!

The Hogwarts Express, a fully functional 1937 Great Western Railway 4-6-0 class steam engine!

The Marauder’s Map!

The Dursleys’ living room!

Hagrid’s motorcycle!

The flying Ford Anglia!

Diagon Alley (a completely indoor set!)

Annnnnnnnnnnnd….a 1:24-scale model of Hogwarts in its entirety, used for all the panorama and Quidditch scenes in all the movies.

Incredibly intricate.

Just plain awesome.

Unfortunately, this will be the final post from Hayden’s Page 2016. Our return flight to Philadelphia departs early tomorrow morning. From everyone at Team Strong, thanks for tuning in.

- Hayden M. Strong

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