National Archives and the Zoo

Today, we went to the National Archives.  We saw the Declaration of Independence and some other ones.  We also went to the National Zoo.  It was fun.  I was sitting with the sea lions.  I have a picture of it too.  I also saw otters.  They were fighting over a stick of bamboo.

The stick was kind of large.  But, I have no idea why they were fighting over it - I think it was food because I saw one trying to eat it.  That’s my story about the otters.  We also saw beavers.  I got to pet their warm, fuzzy hair.  They eat wood and their teeth are like straight and not pointy at all.  They are a lot smaller than people.  I saw wolves.  They were walking around.  They had a small enclosure.  They were both girls.

Our friend Paul was there too.  I saw a cheetah and I was wearing a cheetah shirt so they were all looking at me and thinking I was a cheetah, but Hayden called me a “cheater,” - like “cheetah” “cheater.”  I saw two other animals.  A lion and a tiger.  They were two boy lions and one girl tiger.

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