Mountains of Gelato! (Oh yeah, and Florence too.)

Today, after some much-needed sleep, we drove from our house to Florence (in Italian, Firenze.) The first thing we saw was the statue of “Davey” as Violet calls him:

which was sculpted by Michaelangelo in the 1500s and is over fifteen feet tall.

Then we checked out the city. This is a church from the 1200s. 

After that we ate lunch. I had gluten-free (of course) pasta with parmesan cheese. And we got really great gelato! (Sorry, no pictures.)

Next we visited another art museum. We saw some really awesome paintings:

There was some amazing architecture in the museum too:

And this funny sign outside:

No fast food, no umbrellas, no acoustic guitars, and no stereos!

Then we went home. The house’s owners have a puppy who loves to play with us!

Stay tuned…

- Hayden

Bonus! How the heck are you supposed to pronounce the name of this car?

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