Three Hour Drive

This is a rainbow I saw from our house in Italy.  But first, today I got off the ship and walked to a bus.  The bus took us to another bus, which took us to the place where we got our rental car. Then we got in the rental car and started driving. Two hours later, we stopped at a little cafe where I had pasta, which was very good, and some bread. After that, we got back in the car, drove for thirty minute to some tombs which were really cool.

The tombs were really cool and they were from the people who came before the Romans, the Etruscans. Then, we got back in the car and drove about half an hour longer which took us to the town.  We went to a market and bought strawberries, bread, cherries, cheese, carrots, basil, and tomatoes. Then, we got to the place we are staying, we went and explored in the backyard with this cute dog named Boo. He is black with these cute floppy ears. He is not even one year old yet!

This is our pool.  

After we got back inside, I got the upstairs bedroom which is pretty small, but I’m sharing it with my brother. Then, my dad made us all caprese and a sandwich on the side. After that, we had a very delicious cake that the woman who owns this house made for us. Yum! Thank you for reading my post. Check in again soon!

© Knstrong 2013