Ciao Epic, Buon Giorno Tuscany

Today, we said goodbye to our magnificent ship. When we disembarked, we boarded a bus that took us to the rental-car place and picked up our car, a (stick shift) BMW station wagon. We then drove three hours from Civitavecchia to Greve, Tuscany.

We visited a 2700-year-old Etruscan tomb (which Violet was too chicken to go in):

and ate lunch at a great restaurant.

Then we drove to our house, which is a really cool old house on a farm. Our backyard borders a huge olive-tree orchard, and we have a vanishing-edge pool!

We saw this cool bird:


This is our view:

And this is the inside of our house:

Dad made us a caprese with fresh mozzarella cheese for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, we’re going to Florence to see the statue of David and some other cool stuff.

Let Part 2 of our adventures begin!

 - Hayden

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