Tower of London and the National Gallery

This morning, we got up and planned on taking an Uber to the Tower of London, but after about tweny minutes into the ride, we realized it was going to take forever to get there by car.  So, we hopped out and took the tube instead.  The whole Tower of London complex is huge and has a very bloody history.  Lots of royals were executed just outside its gates.  

I think our favorite part was seeing the Crown Jewels.  Unfortinately, photography wasn’t allowed, so you will have to imagine.  Lots of gold, lots of diamonds, huge sapphires and rubies.  They were really incredible.

After the Tower of London, we took the tube to the National Gallery.  We didn’t see everything, but we covered a lot of ground.  Here are a few highlights….

We went out to dinner and are back home now, getting ready for an early morning tomorrow.  We will be on our way to Brussels at 6:00 am!

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