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Special Deal!! 2 in 1!! Last Day(s) in Paris!!

This is my last post!!

 Yesterday was Bastille Day, and the Eiffel tower had a firework show. It was awesome!! Earlier in the day they had a fly over.

It was so cool!!! Also, we went out for pizza, and it was really good!!!


The firework show was beautiful!!! 

I had an awesome day yesterday.

Today we went to the Musee d’Orsay, a famous art mueseum.

And we saw paintings of cows,

Van Gogh,

And parasols!

And we ate mexican food!!

(My burrito was really good!!)

Then we went to Arc de Triumph!! We didn’t go to the top, though, the line was huge!!

And then we got crepes!!!

I am so sad to be leaving Paris, but this trip was awesome!!! I can’t wait for next year, and I had a great time!!!

-Violet Strong 

Toothy Mcbeaverface

Meet Toothy Mcbeaverface! My new friend, Toothy, was in the river while we were in Luxembourg, so I had to take a picture!!

Today we took the train to Luxembourg, and it took about 2 hours. When we got there, we explored a bit and then found this old caved out military base, and it was huge!! To get from place to place, we had to go up and down these steep (sometimes turning) staircases. They were so slippery!!!

We went through tunnels, too!

And more tunnels!!

Then we got some water at a nearby cafe. We were all really hungry, so we tried to find some food. We found this cute little restauraunt, called Tatties. They had great sandwiches. Also, I got a smoothie called Mr Pink, and it was so good!!!!


Then we went to the river. The water was so warm, I swear you could swim in it!!


I had an awesome time!!

The we took the train home. 


I had an awesome day today, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!

Bye for now, 

Violet Strong

Visting Versailles

This is the palace of Versailles. It was so amazing there today!! The palace itself is gorgeous, and the gardens are so beautiful!!!! We took a lot of pictures, and our guide, Marie-Claire, was awesome!! We had a great day!!

The sky was blue while we were at the gardens. It just made everything 2x as pretty, although the grounds are so beautiful, it’s hard to imagine!!

The palace was amazing, and definitely fit for a king. The last three King Louises lived here in Versailles, and the palace had to be magnificent for them, as you can imagine! 

This golden clock was made for the king in the 17th century, under the rule of King Louie the 14th. Louie the 14th had a bit of an ego… So he asked the mechanic to make himself pop out on a cloud and ding a bell after every hour. As I said, he had a bit of an ego.

Also, the king made everyone watch him eat at the public eating ceremonies. It was considered an honor to be invited to watch the king eat. Pretty strange, huh!!

We also saw the hall of mirrors!! The hall contains over 460 mirrors!! For each window, there are 21 mirrors. (They didn’t know how to make larger ones.) It was awesome!

We had a great day in Versailles, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Disneyland Paris!!!


Today we went to Disneyland Paris! Everything was in French, it was so cool! Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains means Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 


Also, instead of Goofy, they call him Dingo here…. :)


I did a handstand in front of the castle in Disney. I’m grateful I didn’t kick someone when I came down from it.


They had Space Mountain in Star Wars mode and it was called Hyperspace Mountain. It was so fun! It did a loop and a corkscrew, but it was awesome!!!


Also, we ate lots of bagettes!!! Then we took the metro home, on which Hayden fell asleep…..


Yes, he’s asleep. And now we are going to bed. I had a great day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Cruisin’ and Chillin'

Today we just hung out and did a river cruise in Paris. Not much. But it was really fun and cool and we learned a lot today.

This picture we took from off our boat today. This is an old church. Our guide said it is the prettiest church in Paris.

Notre Dame!!! Yay! Notre Dame is the Paris cathedral. It’s really beautiful!

And this restauraunt is what the Disney movie Ratatouille was based off! The real restaurant is like 500 years old!!


And last we got to see the Eiffel Tower again. It was an awesome day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Anne and Amsterdam #2

Today was really intresting. We saw a lot, and some was good, but some was really sad. Today we went to the Anne Frank house, where Anne Frank and her family lived. The site is tragic, because Anne’s family and Anne all met an awful end. The Frank family was Jewish, and that meant trouble during World War 2. 

This is the house that Anne and her family stayed in for over two years. But they didn’t even get they whole house. The got what they called ‘The Secret Annex’ which was tiny. The annex was tiny. They did not allow photography inside though, so we didn’t get any pictures. We explored the house for a while, and then made our way back to the train station to go home. The train ride takes 3 hours, so it was really long. We had to walk home in a thunderstorm though, which was not fun. But we made it home to our apartment in Paris, and we ate dinner and we are now going to bed. 

Pretty quiet day tomorrow, but I still can’t wait!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Amsterdam #1

 Welcome to Amsterdam! Here we have canals, bikes and cake!! 

Haha. We did see all of those things after we got off the 3 hour train ride from Paris to here. Once we got here, we went to our hotel and checked in. Our hotel is BEAUTIFUL! Our room wasn’t ready, but we dropped off our bags and went to find our tour guide, Rob. He was awesome! He took us around the city and we saw a lot.

The are 88 canals in Amsterdam, and all of them are beautiful. Also, 20,000 bikes fall into the canal per year! and only about 3 cars fall in a year. Pretty impressive, considering there are barely any fences. 

We saw an awesome garden that you have to be a girl to live in any of the surrounding houses.  

And we also saw Duck Trump! 

And Duck Vader! There was a rubber ducky store we passed as we were walking by, they had pretty much anything you could think of in duck form.

Like I said, EVERYTHING.

More canals,

And beautiful churches. Amsterdam is gorgeous. Then we ate cake. The cake was chocolate and was amazingly amazing.

After that, it was time to go home. We took a cab home and then napped. Then me and my dad went to find dinner. We tracked down a grocery store and a small pizzaria. The pizza was sooo good! The we went to bed.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Art and Heights!

Today we went to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, an art mueseum. We started at the Louvre, and saw a lot of famous paintings and sculpters, including but not limited to: The Venus de Milo, The Wrath of Medusa, and last but not least, Mona Lisa! It was soooo packed in the room that had Mona Lisa, everyone was shoving us just to get a picture! It was crazy!! We managed to get some pretty awesome pictures, and here they are!

Those blobs are heads. Like I said, it was PACKED!! Also, The Mona Lisa has been stolen two times, that’s why she is now safely in a glass case. Whew! I mean, you can’t steal the Mona Lisa and get away with it!! Or throw a cup of tea at her, like someone did 2 years ago. Really, people?!?

This is a beautiful diamond was in the crown of Henry the 4th. At least, I think…. There are too many Henrys to remember which one!

And this, is the Venus de Milo. I can’t believe we got to see her! There were hardly any people in here, compared to the Mona Lisa. The reason the Venus de Milo is so special is because it is an original Greek sculpture, not a Roman reproduction. It’s over 2,000 years old!!

And this is the wrath of Medusa. It’s about a shipwreck where over 250 people came on the ship, and 15 were rescued. Over 200 people died after getting stuck too far away too get back in the ocean and leave the bay, but not close enough to reach the bay. The painter used asphalt in the black paint, and it is eating away the canvas. They don’t have a soloution yet. It will disappear if they don’t find one. 

After the Louvre, we ate lunch and made our way to the Eiffel tower.

We only went to the middle level, but the view was amazing! Still, I have to admit I was pretty scared. But I did it! 

We could see our apartment from the top! It was really cool. Then we went home and ate dinner and went to bed. It was an awesome day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Soaring over Paris

Yesterday we got on the plane to Paris, France. It was a 7 1/2 hour flight. The plane flew over night, and we got to Paris at around 7am. We made our way to our apartment, and it is so beautiful! It is very modern and our host had left us a bagette and some fresh croissants. It was perfect! Although, we were all super tired so we just went to bed. We woke up at like 5pm and we were all super hungry. We decided to leave the apartment to track down some food, but our apartment complex is super confusing, so it was pretty hard! We eventually found a mall that was really close to our apartment and it had restaurants and a big grocery store inside. We got some bread and cheese, and a few other essentials. We made some dinner back at the apartment, and then we went to find dessert. We went back to the mall, hoping to get ice cream, but it was closed for the night. We found a frozen yogurt store and got some. It was so good!!! There was live music, food trucks, and giant chess! We came home, and we are now going to bed. Tomorrow, we go to the Louvre, a big art museum, and to the top of the Eiffel tower! I can’t wait!! Bye for now,

Violet Strong

Leaving PA 2

This year I will be flying to France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. I will be posting a blog every night about where we went and all about it. Hope you join me on my amazing trip this year! 

-Violet Strong

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