Frigid Waters, Fine Wines, and Happy Dogs

The first thing we did today, was, well, nothing. And I liked it that way! When we finally decided to get out of bed, we just walked into our backyard and hung out, and looked at the view:

Then Violet got this crazy idea that she wanted to go swimming. Our pool is so freezing cold it makes Arctic glaciers jealous. But Vi was upset that I was being reasonable and protecting myself from hypothermia (by not swimming with her.) So we worked out a deal: I would dip my feet in the frigid waters for thirty seconds…if she would cannonball into the pool!

She did. And it was hilarious! Then we kept daring each other to do more crazy stuff. I wound up going in to my knees for a full minute while Vi had to jump in, swim for thirty seconds, and then get out and jump in again! We all wound up drenched in ice-cold water, but it was worth it.

Then we ate lunch, hung out a bit more outside, played with Boo, the estate’s puppy, for a while:

If you ever stay at Montefili Estate in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy, do NOT let this dog get his hands (well, paws) on your shoes (or sunglasses!)

Then we visited a winery (on 500 acres) which looked like this:

We saw lots of cool stuff during the tour:

Where they dry the grapes.

Where they store the bottles.

Where they age the wine.

Then Mom and Dad got to do wine tasting, and we did water tasting (which tasted like water!)

It was really cool. Then we came home, played more with Boo:

In pursuit of the shoe!

Then we ate (surprise!) pasta for dinner. Tomorrow we leave for our penthouse apartment in Rome, and we’re stopping in Orvieto along the way. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

- Hayden M. Strong


Argh! Another unidentified bird sighted today (at the winery!) Anyone with any information, please comment! It’s seriously infuriating that I have no clue what all these birds are!!!

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