My favorite family photo ever!

Today was so incredible!  We took the train from London to Liverpool this morning and met our fantastic guide Jackie.  The first thing we saw was St. Georges Hall.  Its where Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them was just filmed.

Next, we saw Paul McCartneys LIverpool Institute for Performing Arts, and this cool sculpture just outside the campus.  The Magical Mystery Tour Bus pulled up just in time for our photo op.

Our next stop was the house where Ringo was born.  Since the whole block is scheduled to be demolished, we were able to sign our names.

This pink and white house is the place Ringo lived with his family until he was about 20.

We stopped at Penny Lane

..and the kids got to play a bit in the middle of Penny Lane!

Heres the barber and the shelter in the middle of the roundabout

Next, we stopped by the house John Lennon lived in until he was 5.

..and Georges childhood home

and Johns house on Menlove Avenue.

Then, we headed to the church where Paul first saw John play with the Quarrymen.  The graveyard here has Eleanor Rigbys tombstone.

Next, we went to Strawberry was amazing!

We also saw Paul’s childhood house…

and went down into the Cavern Club.

And so many other cool things, but there’s just too many to write about them all!

We were all excited to see all of the Beatle sights, but we weren’t expecting Liverpool to be such a beautiful, vibrant city.

We really loved Liverpool.  It was an incredible day and we are so thankful we got to see it in person!

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